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Volunteers Needed

    October 31, 2019

    Hello to all past, present, and future volunteers!

    Mock Interviews at Spring Grove Area HS are just ahead!

    We will be holding Semester 1 Mock Interviews on Wednesday, December 18, 2019.  As in previous years, we are recruiting community and business volunteers to assist with the interviewing process, and we would be honored if you could join us!  


    This semester we have two time blocks.  Any support you can offer would be greatly appreciated!!  If interested, you may choose either or both of the following:


    BLOCK A         7:15-10:00

    BLOCK B         12:40-2:30


    Ideally, volunteers will conduct brief interviews lasting approximately 7-10 minutes with additional time provided to evaluate each interviewer.  Volunteers will be provided with all the information and resources needed to conduct the interviews (student portfolios, questions to ask, evaluation sheets, pens, paper, etc.).  Also, refreshments will be provided throughout the day! :)


    If you are able to join us on Wednesday, December 18th, please contact at your earliest convenience and indicate the BLOCK(s) that you are available to help. 

    Also, we are always interested in expanding our community volunteer base and appreciate your assistance in helping us build those connections.  If you know of anyone (colleague, friend, family member, etc.) who might be interested in getting involved with our mock interview events, please let us know! 

    Your efforts are what make this day possible for our students!

    Thank you in advance for considering our invitation to join us on December 18th.  We hope to see you soon!