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    Benefits of Membership

    It's tough in these days of complex workplace issues and rapid social change to maintain top performance as a professional in HR. You need all the expert help you can get . . . . . . .YOU NEED HAHRA!

    Affiliation with HAHRA gives you access to services and programs that can broaden your skills and make you more valuable to your organization. As a HAHRA member, you are part of a professional organization dedicated exclusively to the advancement of HR management.  Come network at one of our next meetings and see why joining the leading local HR professional association makes sense.  Here are just a FEW of the things our current members are grateful we offer:

    • Legal updates and workshops on HR related topics – through speakers and chapter communications, HAHRA provides up-to-date information on pending legislation that may impact your company’s operations.
    • Outreach to community involvement programs
    • Networking opportunities - An important benefit of HAHRA membership is the opportunity to meet your peers to exchange ideas and discuss problems. No matter your experience, frequent peer contacts are invaluable in continuing your professional education. Come network with over 75 HR professionals!
    • Professional development - At the local level, HAHRA membership offers you a wide range of professional development opportunities to improve your expertise. In addition to the monthly educational luncheons, HAHRA offers half-day seminars each year.
    • Communications - HAHRA keeps you informed on current workplace issues and emerging developments in human resource management through a variety of speakers and resource presentations at monthly meetings.   Also our LinkedIn Group provides an interactive forum to discuss HR issues, post ideas or events and communicate with fellow HR professionals on topics that interest YOU!

    Who Can Join?

    Individuals who are responsible for any broad or general aspect of Human Resources within their company as well as students with a Human Resource course of study.  If you don't meet these requirements, don't worry!  Guests are always welcome to attend meetings!

    HAHRA Membership/Cost

    • Membership - $60.00

    HAHRA Meeting and Seminar Costs


    •     HAHRA Member - $20.00
    •     Non-Member/Guest - $25.00


    •    Pricing to be determined based on content

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