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    Discover Your Motivation: Why We Work How We Work and How We Can Do It Better

    Date: April 25, 2018, 11:00am – 1:00pm
    Altland House Restaurant
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    According to a 2016 Gallup poll, only 1/3 of Americans report being engaged by their work. We want our work to be engaging and meaningful, yet we continue to pursue the same business practices that disengage us in the first place. How can we make work more meaningful and engaging for ourselves and our teams? According to Harvard behavioral researcher David Perkins, 90% of our thinking errors are errors of perception - could there be a correlation? In an interactive presentation that is part TED Talk and part Saturday Night Live, you will learn that every person has the same motivation, or why we work how we work, and, starting from this foundation, we can learn to build our work experiences with an awareness of how our brains work. By using perspective as a tool, you can transform problems into opportunities, your job into a meaningful mission to serve, and conflict management into the building of relationships, all cornerstones to building a strong workplace culture that will boost morale, lead to growth, and improve results.


    1. Transform problems into opportunities with an awareness of how perspective influences action

    2. Create a self-assessment system for personal accountability by learning to ask the 2 Power Questions

    3. Develop a meaningful personal and organizational mission centered around service

    4. Learn the 3 ways to shift your perspective of others to build relationships out of conflicts

    5. Boost morale, creativity, and community using the "Yes, and..." principle of improvisation 

    Speaker:  David Horning

    After being featured in the 2014 New York Comedy Festival for his sketch comedy show "Laundry Day," David Horning had a realization: doing comedy makes people laugh, but what if it could make people laugh AND make a difference in their lives? With a passion for positive psychology and the knowledge that many people are unhappy and disengaged with their work, David has made it his mission to inspire happiness and share what engages and inspires him with audiences across the country as a motivational speaker. He has performed for companies, conferences, conventions, colleges, and charities with a mission to inspire the same happiness, meaning, and growth that he experiences every day. Through laughter, people have the ability to take a step back and see the bigger picture. Then, we have the ability to step forward.